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31st January 2006
Christopher aged 15 accompanied by his father Richard, Mic Rofe and Michael Dillon summits Mt Aconcagua (6950m). 

February 2006
Dick Smith gives Christopher $120,000 to organise an expedition to climb Mt Everest. click here to read Dicks letter

April / May 2006
Christopher attempts Mt Everest see news for more details.

June 2007
Christopher and his father Richard along with two friends Jake and Anthony make a daring descent in an 8 man raft down Glenbrook Creek in full flood, grade 4+ conditions prevailed, somehow they all survived with out capsizing or even a single person going overboard.


At age 3 Christopher with some assistance from his father scrambled up the steep South face of Mt Wareng at Howe’s Valley.

At age 4 For three months Christopher accompanied his family on a four-wheel driving trip up through the centre of Australia. The entire trip was spent camping out. On this trip various mountains and features where summated they included, Ayres Rock, St Mary’s Peak in the Flinders and Belougery Split Rock in the Warrumbungle’s.

At age 5 Christopher had been climbing at indoor climbing centres for a year and competed in the under 10’s div. Of the N.S.W state titles and came second on a fifteen metre high outdoor wall.

At age 6 Went caving at Bungonia Caves and experienced white water rafting. Also walked up Mt Warning and saw snow for the first time.

At age 7 Started Cub Scouts and featured in the Super Scene section of the Sun Herald (climbing on the three sisters). Went canyoning for the first time in a grade4 canyon.

Climbing grade 14

At age 8 Christopher enjoyed rock climbing both indoors and out. He enjoyed a four-day expedition to the Snowy Mountains and climb Mt Kosciusko in the snow on a grade II alpine climb on the cornice. This was Christopher’s first summit of the seven summits.

At age 9 Christopher had his first TV interview on channel 7 and made a short film called The Last Climb. (Featured Christopher climbing the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia) Started cross country skiing.

Climbing grade 17

At age 10 Christopher anxiously awaits the chance to go mountaineering in New Zealand. Goes to Kosciusko National Park to do some ice climbing but gets caught in a blizzard and spends 24 hours in a snow cave. Spends three days rafting the Colo River NSW, going down countless rapids of grade 3 and even several grade 4.

At age 11 Christopher finally gets to go to New Zealand were he climbs Mt Aylmer (2699m ) and Hochstetter Dome (2810m) in four hours from hut to hut. Goes ice climbing in a crevasse after ascending 900m in altitude. The trip is a huge success and Christopher proves himself beyond question to his guide and an attempt to climb Mt Cook (3754m) is immediately planned for latter in the year.

On 24th and 25th August Christopher and his father walk from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves and back on the Six Foot Track completing 84 kilometres in 35 hours with one night camp.

Top ropes his first grade 21 climb

At age 12 Christopher after lots of training and fundraising fly’s out to New Zealand and over today’s on the 2nd and 3rd December 02 he makes the youngest ascent of Mt Cook (3754m).

After TV coverage and many newspaper and magazine articles Christopher settles back into normality until international composer Paul Jarman writes a song called The Will To Climb about Christopher’s achievements and in January 03 it is performed by The Gondwana Choir of over one hundred children.

The Colo River rises yet again allows for a fast two daytrip of rafting over 50 kilometres of the river in grade 3 conditions.

On 3/5/03 Christopher after a lot of prior training gets his first chance at lead climbing in The Blue Mountains.

In September 2003 Christopher is awarded the title of Australian Young Adventurer of the Year by Australian Geographic and was presented with a gold medallion at Darling Harbour.

On 8th October 2003 summated Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania Africa.

10th October 2003 The Will To Climb is performed at the opening ceremony of The Rugby World Cup.

At age 13 February 04 Christopher spent most of the month attempting to climb Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, but did not get to the summit because of bad wether. He was featured on channel 9 Sunday Show in the first of a new inspirational series.

April 04 Christopher became the first person under 18 to be allowed to enter the Oxfam 100km 48 hour Trailwalker. He finished the 100km in 23hrs 38 minutes.

On 12th September 04 Christopher summated Mt Elbrus (5642m) in Russia, the highest mountain in Europe.

At age 14 January 05 Christopher spent several weeks on the South Island of New Zealand summating a few small peaks, and gave a talk at The Hermitage Hotel.

February 05 Christopher is selected to feature on the front cover of the Telstra White Pages (Penrith area).

June 05 Christopher flew out to Alaska to climb Mt McKinley, South Americas highest mountain. Unfortunately he had to turn back just one day from the summit.

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